Automotive Stillages
UK Based Metal Stillage Manufacturer

Our automotive stillages effectively meet the need for appropriately and securely storing and transporting parts around a car manufacturing plant or OEM facility, or between different sites. Some of our automotive returnable packaging solutions have been created to travel across Europe and beyond. Our automotive stillage capacity and experience includes:

- Storage stillages
- Transportation stillages
- Lineside kitting
- Custom trolleys and trailers
- Bespoke workbenches

We understand the value of your floor space, and offer stackable and collapsible stillages to maximise your working area. We also consider the importance of maximising vehicle space by designing stillages with efficient footprints that will use the full space available on your transport. This is achieved by looking at the automotive CAD part data and applying our experience and knowledge to find the best solution for your closed loop, returnable packaging system.

Our customers include direct automotive manufacturers and automotive OEMs. We have supplied stillages that include either bespoke PU dunnage, plastic dunnage or PVC textile dunnage in order to separate and protect parts. Our capabilities start with our in-house designs of automotive stillages, which are created by our specialist stillage engineers. We have expertise in production of stillage prototypes and then volume delivery. Our stillage expertise includes dunnage and stillage detailing, such as mechanisms for opening, collapsing, removable posts, label holders, castors and more.

Whether you are looking for a simple metal storage bin for your automotive production line or a highly specific stillage that needs to securely hold parts with custom dunnage, our Stoke-on-Trent team will create a solution that meets your needs efficiently. Contact us using your preferred method and find out how we can support your ongoing requirements in automotive stillages and material handling solutions.