Our Services

A summary of the services we currently offer from our Stoke-On-Trent facility

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

We have a dedicated CAD office which houses our CAD department and 3D printers for our stillages and returnable packaging solutions. The CAD software we use to produce our bespoke designs allows us to provide drawings and 3D models for our customers, and for our production team, and key information such as stillage weight. We include necessary details such as stillage stenciling, label holders and required stickers, this allows our customers to view their stillage on paper with the visuals exactly as they can expect the final product to be delivered to them.

Paint Station

With our very own paint station, and experienced spray painters you can have your stillage painted in virtually any colour you wish. We work from RAL codes, so whether you are organising your facility by colour or you want your stillages to match your branding, we can paint in whichever colour you need.

We can also respray painted stillages as part of our metal stillage refurbishment services.

Polyurethane Moulding Room

Stacks of orange polyeurethane dunnage, with blue 3D print moulds stacked with it

At our premises in Stoke-On-Trent we have a room dedicated to Polyurethane (PU) moulding, which has allowed us to expand our capacity for custom dunnage for bespoke stillages.

As the demand for custom returnable packaging grows, PU is becoming an increasingly important part of our offering. The purpose of our returnable packaging is mainly to store and/or transport components to the correct places in the production line (sometimes worldwide). It's vital that stillages are robust, reliable and designed for effectiveness and efficiency, and PU dunnage is a key role in the overall capabilities of a stillage.

What is PU Dunnage?
Polyurethane Dunnage. Dunnage is the name for the part of a stillage that holds specific parts in place. This is important to protect parts that are either fragile, valuable or to keep finished pieces in perfect condition.
We use a moulding and casting process to create bespoke dunnage out of the PU. We use PU as it's robust and is available in different consistencies. Our CAD department designs PU dunnage in-house as an add-on to our service to our bespoke stillages.

Tube Bending

Tube Bending is now part of our capabilities at Bluestar Products.

In order to offer a wider range of metalwork services to our existing customers, we have invested in a Tube Bending machine. We also offer Tube Bending services to new customers.

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