Stillage Dunnage
Facilitate the reduction of waste with Returnable Packaging Solutions and Custom Dunnage

At Bluestar Products our expertise includes custom dunnage as an add-on service to our custom steel stillages.

The Benefits of Steel Stillages with Custom Dunnage:
- Dunnage used as a part of Returnable Packaging solutions facilitates the reduction of waste
- Made to your specification
- Designed to hold your specific part to prevent movement and damage
- PU moulding can be replaced as and when required, giving your stillage a longer lifetime, which has environmental as well as cost benefits

Returnable packaging is a hot topic as manufacturers across the UK and beyond aim to reduce, reuse and refurbish. Our two key types of Bluestar dunnage are PU dunnage and textile dunnage, we also supply stillages with plastic dunnage and plastic containers with correx inserts as dunnage.

Textile Dunnage
Polyurethane Dunnage
Correx inserts as dunnage

What is Dunnage?

Most simply, dunnage is material used to safely package goods. The dunnage acts as padding between parts, containers and outer packaging. Traditionally, dunnage has usually been made from inexpensive materials such as lumber, polystyrene chips, shredded cardboard or bubble wrap. However, when we talk about Bluestar dunnage, we are in a whole different league of part protection.

Dunnage within modern manufacturing has great responsibilities; it is used to protect all sorts of parts during storage and transportation. Therefore, the dunnage has to be professionally and custom designed, it needs to be robust in action, and the starting point should always be a holistic view of the returnable packaging system as a whole.

Why should I use Bluestar dunnage?

Our bespoke, custom designed and made-to-order dunnage is manufactured to hold specific parts. Our dunnage services include dunnage for steel stillages as well as dunnage for plastic containers, using materials such as textiles, plastic or Correx.

Our PU dunnage is made and designed entirely in-house as an add-on service to our returnable packaging and steel stillages.

Our dunnage is robust and can be used to secure parts over and over again. Returnable packaging is a huge, positive step forwards for our customers who are looking to reduce their environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Replacement Dunnage

We can also manufacture and reissue dunnage to replace old and worn dunnage. This saves you from replacing a whole stillage, extending the life of the returnable packaging even further. Send us your specs for a quotation.

Examples of Custom Polyurethane Dunnage