Refurbishment and Modifications
Facilitate the reduction of waste with Closed loop packaging

As part of our commitment to reducing our customers' environmental impact, a growing part of our offering is in stillage refurbishment. One of the main benefits of returnable packaging and steel stillages is their durability and robustness, and therefore their long life cycle. The potential to refurbish stillages and returnable packaging solutions increases the life cycle of these products even further.

The scope of our metal stillage refurbishment ranges from simple cages and pallets to complex, purpose built stillages, including automotive dunnage.

We can refurbish stillages that were originally produced by Bluestar Products, and ones that were produced by other suppliers. And you never know, you might find that your refurbed packaging is even better quality than the originals...!

Send us your enquiry and our Stoke-based team will be happy to look at your requirements.

Some examples of refurbished steel stillages:

15 year old stillages...
Well-loved stillages ready for a revamp
Yellow Collapsible custom Stillage with Mesh bottom
...looking brand new
Newly refurbished stillages, with new PU dunnage

Stillage Modifications

We're seeing an increased demand for stillage modifications, modifying used stillages can utilize as much of the previous stillages as possible, reducing material requirements and therefore reducing your materials costs.

Lots of our customers are focusing on their environmental impact and are aiming to reduce their carbon footprint. A positive solution for purchasers and lineside engineers is to explore the possibilities of refurbishing and modifying used stillages that are no longer required in the production chain, which can help to reduce your environmental impact by reducing new material requirements.

The main category where we are seeing an increased demand for stillage modification is within a scenario where stillages that have been designed and manufactured to hold a specific part have come to the end of their life cycle. For example, what happens to that specific set of stillages when the part is no longer in circulation? Well, often there will be a similar part or an updated version of the original part, and this type of stillage can be a perfect example of stillage modification. We can produce new dunnage to hold a slightly different part in the same stillage, e.g. if the dimensions change or the shape is slightly altered. Of course, this is an over-simplification of the process, and every stillage modification is unique, so if you have any questions please contact us.

With our in-house PU processes, and our strong supplier relationships with bespoke textile manufacturers, here at Bluestar we have the logistics and expertise to modify your closed loop packaging systems.

To find out whether your old stillages would be good candidates for modifying, send us your spec and details and our team will advise you.